Derek Szteliga "Koenigin"

The Derelict Sensation

“Königin” 2003 installation with woodblock print and watercolour, detail right
photo:sandrine albert  

Derek Szteliga's work combines woodblock printing and watercolour painting to explore the fault-lines between traditional forms, symbols and techniques.

"I’m interested in the stories of people- our history- and our collective choices and visions. In my paintings, I use symbols, images and metaphors to express my thoughts and feelings about our trust and hope in the visions of the future.
Koenigin comes from the title of the Titanic, the ”Queen of the Seas”( “Koenigin der Meere”) and represents for me an example in our history, of mankind’s attempt to control the natural order, to exert it’s power over the sea. The Titanic, the “unsinkable” ship, sank on her first journey and sadly, most of the people did not survive. As this representative attempt towards glory and prestige was swallowed into the depths and, as the remains lie yet on the ocean’s floor, there rises currently the next zealous, devoted enterprise to create the world’s largest cruise liner."

Courtesy of the Weissenseer Freitag Gallery, Berlin, Germany